Monday, 27 May 2013

Symphaty Card

Good morning Sunshine’s!! The weekend is gone and another week is starting to roll over J

Although I do enjoy making cards, this was one of those cards that you don’t enjoy doing at all. It made me sad while also shocked, at the tragic loss of this young man. More over when this person is a relative of one of your closest work mates. May his soul rest in peace!

While doing this, had some time to ponder and reflect... that life is too short to worry about and waste… every second from our precious life is worth like a million years and every day is a new beginning. Do what you like doing; be with the ones you love, that bring joy and happiness into yours. Don’t waste time hating the people that move away from you. When things are meant to be, happen when you least expect them. Things always happen for a reason, even from the most negative situation something positive comes out. Love yourself and give love back... mostly to the ones that hurt you, even if they don’t even notice…   Always forgive as you like to be forgiven!!

Most of all be grateful for all the people you have in your life and everything that surrounds you…

I wanted to keep this card simple as possible and preferred to focus on the message. So I went for a verse from the bible.  Next to the wording stamped 2 sparrows and at the bottom I made a gate with some flowers on and the title of the card. For colour I preferred to stay on my usual soft tone.

Lots of love Carmen xx

Blessed are those who mourn, 
for they shall be comforted. 

Matthew 5:4

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