Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Flowers From Soda Cans

After a day at work I went home and found something waiting for me.  As soon as I stepped inside door, there was this box full of wine corks and two cans of beer. I just said to myself, oh my son is such a darling collecting me all these wine corks from his work and buying some beers. Next thing I discovered the beers, were just empty cans. As soon as he got home he told me all about it. I got to know that the box was traded for 2 flowers made from beer cans, for a work mate. Oh yesss deep joy J  well as it was already paid in advance J I had to roll my sleeves up and start working on the flowers. As I am blessed with a Big Shot cutting out flowers was an easy peasy job, with Tim Holtz tattered flowers bigs die cut. The result was amazing instead of two I made 4 as he was so patient with me.  Everyone was happy, myself with many more wine corks and this man with flowers from his favourite beer J I have some more projects in my mind… but that is for me to know and you to wonder about J.. wink wink!
Bed is calling my dear friends, so until I see you again, wish you a very crafty week!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A Blast from the past

I never had a blog before, so wanted to share with you some cards I have done in the past. Becoming a card maker was something I tried to experiment years back. Sometimes we just do need that little push from that special someone, to convince you that you’re good at it and to have a go.  I tried and learned that my work was being liked, apart it was something totally different and more on personal note, than the ones you just buy from any shop. So I started doing cards, the more I did,  the more enjoyed experimenting with all kind of things and materials I found at hand. For this island  it was something new as people were used to buy those ready ones. Lately am noticing many people are doing card making. Some people would think they are expensive, but considering time consumed on a card to get that personal touch, is much more priceless.

The small mini steam machines are a minimized printing of a set of ATC cards by a British artist. Anyone wants info about this artist contact me and will pass you all his contact details


 In these two cards I used two small tiles which I make from fimo clay. As you may also notice I use plenty of flowers done myself, from scarps of curtain material or any piece of material I find around J

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Red or White Wine?

I just do love red wine! I happen to be so lucky to live on a tiny island, with our own local wines made every year and coming from local vine yards too... the sun, the breeze of summer and the smell of wine in the making ... this is what I remember, when my dad used to make wine for our personal consumption...  with the old traditional ways from generation to generation... that type of wine that mellows your body... and what is a Maltese dinner without a glass of wine on the table,  for us Mediterranean’s!

 I am lucky too to get hold of used wine corks, instead of being thrown away, which is a pity. I wanted to find some way of their use, maybe decorate some odd corner and give it that rustic charm. Made this wreath all with corks and with some additional flowers and small pottery jars to give it that rustic charm, Mediterranean look…

So while you have a look…I let you imagine the smell of your favourite wine… and why not, maybe also a glass of wine too… J