Thursday, 16 May 2013

Beaded Headwear

Good afternoon!! Hope your day is beautiful. Mine is a good one, filled up with many happy thoughts.  J I try to make the best of everything, even when life tries to grinds me a bit down. While I was having coffee this morning, I was wondering what am going to share next with you. As summer approaches, weddings do start too. Mostly many Maltese prefer to get married between May and October but the most popular months are May /June when it’s not too cold or too hot. So I have decided to share these two bridal headwear pieces I done in the past couple of years.

The first one in the picture consists a lot of twisted wire and in between at random space a crystal bead. You need to make plenty of these strands also at different lengths. When you’re done start grouping them in bunches and also add some feathers. Make 3 of these. When ready join like a branch and adjust the strands in form of a spikey flower. Make sure that you will cover the stems neatly in wire.  When all is done you can also attach a hair comb.

Result is pretty awesome, especially when light falls on the crystals and the feathers give it that bouncy soft effect with every movement.

For the second one actually gold wire was used with plenty of twisting.  Crystals and pearl beads were used and given it the form of a vine. You don’t need to be such expertise to do this; I would say more patience is needed.

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