Sunday, 23 June 2013

Tick... Tock... Time is Ticking

Hello dear friends Good Morning  J how are you?

Finally I have some time to sit down here and dedicate  couple of hours to my blog!  How I just wish I had more time to work more on cards and also jewelry as it’s something I also love doing. That gastric virus threw spanner in my wheels but thank god I am back to normal and mind bit focused on work.
Lately I had been working on plenty of cards and some Holy Communion stuff which later on I will post on this blog.

So for this card the motive behind it was sweet and lovely. The bride to be wanted to remind her fiancee that in a years time they are going get married... hehe better remind him and get him prepared ;) … sorry guys I am being a bit cheeky here J.

Supplies list
  • A4 ivory card
  • Dictionary paper
  • Distress ink pads
  • Black - Adirondack Ink Pad
  • Ribbon
  • Various rubber stamps by Tim Holtz, Visible Image & Prima and other brands which I don’t remember
  • Lid from a jar
  • Old visa card
  • Ranger Crackle Accents

For this card I used mainly plenty of different stamps. For the back ground  used a calligraphy stamp after inking and distressing edges. With an old visa made like fine lines vertical and horizontal, and circles with the lid. At the bottom applied the flowery stamp design and followed up by stamping the clocks on various types of papers. Next step was cut them out and embellish some of them with Crackle Accents and left them to dry out.

After the clocks were set in place, the next step was the calendar.
At one other side of the card made a mini calendar, which I downloaded from this site and really found it very useful. Glued it all together and made a little book mark with a piece of ribbon to mark the month, also marked their wedding date and finally attached it to the card. Once I had the setting done, added some more stamping. 
Above the calendar stamped the famous “Keep Calm and Carry On” I just love it and it goes back to the beginning of the Second World War to keep the morale high of the British public.
Around the clocks applied the wording tick tock to show that time is ticking up  to their wedding day and finally their names ... and yes, now the bride and groom started the countdown for their special big day J



  1. Hi :) i haven't visited your blog for a while! well done x was nice and inspiring going through your beautiful vintage cards x x x

    1. Thank you Stephanie :) I truly appreciate. It`s my first ever I made a blog and it was You the one that suggested I should do a blog, after our same passion re cards. You work is truly beautiful and keep it going xxx

  2. hihi :) i didn't know i was the inspiration for that but im glad you went for it hehe x you are doing a great job xxx i am also new to blogland but starting to feel at home bit by bit hehe! Looking forward to your next post!