Monday, 20 May 2013

A Mother`s Frame

Another project I done for mother’s day was this  decorative frame.
For this project all you need is plenty of patience, good mood and some creativity in poetry or else search  the net J  It can be fun and original as much as you desire. Actually I enjoy doing this sort of memento frames as they can be very relaxing.

This one went for one special mother with a beautiful name Rose. A kind and bubbly person that type you would never get tiered staying around her. She is my dearest friend mother, Odette or else as I call her Det. She`s my virtual sister as we both don’t have any sisters, so we found the comfort of sisterhood in each other.  Only one thing separates us ... the miles between our homes, but still one phone call away as we do frequently catch up with everything that is going on in our lives. The most beautiful time we shared together was when the day for her to say "I Do" arrived, I had the pleasure to be her maid of honour J

Well I started the frame by attaching an A4 paper in the frame. In this case I prefered a blank paper so I would decorate it up myself. Next step I did was attached half of the page with the curtain lace fabric.
The other half I stamped it and covered with perfect pearls. In the middle attached in the middle the guipure lace.
After I had chosen the poem I prepared to print it out. Normally I prefer to use Albertsthal Typewriter in black.
Leave a good space between every verse, so you have enough space for cutting out.
 Once each verse is cut out, distress the edges, I prefer brown.
Then lay out the poem and leaving enough space for the arrangement.  Then I arranged the flowers to the desired pattern.
Finally attach the poem verses to the frame using sticky foam in the line you already set up.

Supplies list
  • A4 ivory cardstock x2
  • Resin flowers
  • Paper flowers
  • Silk flowers & leaves
  • guipure lace
  • Perfect pearls
  • Rubber Stamps
  • Fimo clay
  • Craft mould
  • Lace curtain fabric
  • Double sided sticky foam

 At one corner arranged an assortment of silk and paper flowers.

For this cabochon I used Premol Sculpy Accents in pearl.  Worked the clay until it got soft and after I molded the clay into the silicon mould, took it out gently from the mould and baked it for around 25 minutes. Ohh!  by the way besides sometime in my life I burnt food as I got lost in something else, I just also learned to burn clay J  Haha ! Well as we all say with mistakes we learn!  When it was ready and done left it to cool and then I embellished it with some lace at the edges.

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