Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Another Sewing card

Hello J oh my... how I had fallen  behind in my posts!!  It’s been a while since I posted something although I kept doing some jobs. We are in middle of summer and it is scorching temp of 35° and over, till the point that leaves you lethargic and at times out of breath... to be honest I feel that we are being roasted alive. Am not a summer person anymore, when I was younger used to hang out days by the beach. The more I grew up, I become conscious about being sun burnt and also with the high rates of skin cancers.  It’s not worth it for me anymore, for every day spent by the beach end up  applying creams days after and screaming ouch ouch ha-ha  J  So yes  the rest of my summer between my job is going to be at home feeling fresh, eating healthy salads, summer fruits, and plenty of refreshing showers. I am hoping to catch on some projects and not forgetting to spend special time with my family and friends.

One weekend I planned to meet an old school friend, while discussing where to eat out, her idea was to go to our sister island Gozo.So we ventured on to have a meal out at Gozo. Don't call us crazy ha-ha J  actually it turned out to be a very enjoying eve crossing the channel at night. When  it comes to food we were very satisfied, especially the restaurant situated next to the shore, feeling the fresh breeze coming up straight from our Mediterranean sea. I love this island, with  it's impeccable beauty especially in winter with all that greenery from the countryside. It’s not so dense like Malta; there are many places of interest from cultural to sightseeing and especially many diving spots. Good food by the sea is never an exception while  Gozo lace is abundant for those who love artisan work .

As this saying says “The best things in life are unexpected - because there were no expectations. - Eli Khamarov

Soon I have to pull my socks up, as my youngest brother is getting married next May and many projects in the pipline wink ;)

So today’s card was for a person whom is a seamstress. It was her 60th  birthday and this was specially done for her.

Supplies List:
  • Dictionary paper
  • A4 card stock
  • Rubber stamps
  • Sizzix On the Edge Die - Sewing Edge
  • Flowers -I Am Roses
  • Thread
  • Buttons
  • Ribbon
  • Lace

The dress maker form dressed it up with a pleated skirt, with a bow at the waist and a crocheted flower at the bottom of the skirt. The skirt was pleated in a fan shape and inked a bit at the edges of the pleats with distress ink. If you notice  machine stiching  was used on the back ground. 

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