Saturday, 6 April 2013

Red or White Wine?

I just do love red wine! I happen to be so lucky to live on a tiny island, with our own local wines made every year and coming from local vine yards too... the sun, the breeze of summer and the smell of wine in the making ... this is what I remember, when my dad used to make wine for our personal consumption...  with the old traditional ways from generation to generation... that type of wine that mellows your body... and what is a Maltese dinner without a glass of wine on the table,  for us Mediterranean’s!

 I am lucky too to get hold of used wine corks, instead of being thrown away, which is a pity. I wanted to find some way of their use, maybe decorate some odd corner and give it that rustic charm. Made this wreath all with corks and with some additional flowers and small pottery jars to give it that rustic charm, Mediterranean look…

So while you have a look…I let you imagine the smell of your favourite wine… and why not, maybe also a glass of wine too… J

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