Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A Blast from the past

I never had a blog before, so wanted to share with you some cards I have done in the past. Becoming a card maker was something I tried to experiment years back. Sometimes we just do need that little push from that special someone, to convince you that you’re good at it and to have a go.  I tried and learned that my work was being liked, apart it was something totally different and more on personal note, than the ones you just buy from any shop. So I started doing cards, the more I did,  the more enjoyed experimenting with all kind of things and materials I found at hand. For this island  it was something new as people were used to buy those ready ones. Lately am noticing many people are doing card making. Some people would think they are expensive, but considering time consumed on a card to get that personal touch, is much more priceless.

The small mini steam machines are a minimized printing of a set of ATC cards by a British artist. Anyone wants info about this artist contact me and will pass you all his contact details


 In these two cards I used two small tiles which I make from fimo clay. As you may also notice I use plenty of flowers done myself, from scarps of curtain material or any piece of material I find around J

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