Thursday, 9 May 2013

A Craft Club..

I dedicate this little space to a special person Sharon Camilleri  JIt was during a trip to Sicily with fellow crafters that Sharon came up with the idea of forming a craft club.  As soon as she pulled it out everyone agreed including me as this was something in the back shelves of my mind. She already got plenty experience in crafts and also on TV programs, besides owning a craft shop (The Craft Cupboard). We knew that there was going to be a good response, as people die for craft clubs. On the island we have a big lack of them although now many fairs are being organized and set up with many handcrafted things.

So if you live on the island or visiting for a holiday and love crafts...  why don’t you come and join other crafters like you . Sharing  new  ideas while having a cup of coffee would be fun. We believe in building bridges for new friendships and getting together as our main objective J

Meetings are going to be held once a month,  it’s not a burden with everyone’s busy life. Your presence is welcome, especially your gifted talents.
Our 1st meeting is going to be held on the 23rd of May at The Craft Cupboard

For further assistance contact Sharon personally and am sure she will be gladly helpful.

 Hope to see ya there J
Carmen xx

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