Thursday, 21 February 2013

My First

This is my very first post. Been a while since I sat back again here and starting writing, the other time was more thoughts of the  moments I was going into my life,  this time its going be different  just  about the craft things  I do ..
So why The Enchanted  Lane ... where I  do live  the buildings are old over 200 years ... the streets are narrow just one car can pass at a time... but what is amazing about these buildings is their character and mostly the alleys you find with houses decorated to the style... no they are not shoddy actually more enchanting  decorated  with colourful  geraniums and bougainvillea ...
                                                   A glimpse around my beautiful  Rock

So I just dedicated  this  blog  to where my creations started as a kid... all the kids from  the street   used to gather  up and play, we used to gather  up in this one particular alley,  put up a curtain from side to side, make  little stage with everything we found  handy, turn it up into a theatre.. some the spectators while others the actors, dressing up was simple from our parents wardrobe... and the more I grew up the more I enjoyed being creative...  from  sewing clothes for my dolls with a mini  sewing machine. While once I decided to tear up a  curtain  so I do make up a dress for my dolls :) Loved to build  up furniture for my Sindy doll with match boxes or cigarette packets... sigh those were the days  when we used to play and be so creative  with the least things we used to  have..

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